Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Kerala

  1. Kerala is already marketed as a health destination mainly for its Ayurveda packages.
  2. Medical tourism is marketed along with ayurveda and other health packages.
  3. Major hospitals like KIMS, Trivandrum, Lake Shore and AIMS  in Kochi, and MIMS, Calicut have pioneered joining hands with the Government promoting Medical Tourism.
  4. Globalization and economic liberalization have given a boost to the specialized Medical Service Sector
  5. Health Insurance Companies are playing a major role in Medical Tourism.
  6. Medical tourism is like any leisure product where service components like airlines, hotels, travel companies, transportation, food outlets are offered and medical treatment at the  best hospitals. The medical treatment for various ailments are packaged with recuperative leisure packages at world class tourist resorts.

Kerala a Medical Tourism Destination

  1. Well connected by Air from major medical tourism markets in the Middle East European markets and South Asia
  2. Moderate weather throughout the year
  3. Advanced and sophisticated hospitals of International standards located in Kerala.
  4. Renowned doctors specialized in almost all major disciplines.
  5. Trained paramedical staff and technicians available in Kerala
  6. Easier communication with majority English speaking public
  7. The higher hygienic standards of Kerala
  8. The developed tourism industry in Kerala with its array of high quality resorts and hotels.
  9. Ideal setting for an excellent recuperative holiday
  10. Medical tourism packages offered and marketed by tour operators joining hands with excellent hospitals
  11. Incredibly competitive cost for packages of medical treatment and surgery compared to other countries
  12. Honoring of  medical insurance by hospitals in Kerala
  13. Marketed efficiently in source markets

The package …

    • Medical history emailed and discussed
    • Patient received at the airport, an escort takes over.
    • Transferred to a hotel or resort.
    • Escort takes the patient to the hospital as per appointment with doctor and admits into the hospital.
    • Surgery or treatment conducted.
    • Discharge and recuperative holiday at a resort.
    • Post treatment check up, transfer to airport and departure.
    • Billed as a package all inclusive for the patient and accompanying person.


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Specialty Hospitals in Kerala



A cure for every problem


If you’re looking at plastic surgery, correction of congenital malformation, breast reconstruction surgery and other beauty enhancing cosmetic surgeries, Kerala offers highly specialised departments and expert surgeons to take care of your needs. Dental treatments are also a priority of tourists to Kerala as even the most complex jaw replacement surgeries cost 50% lesser than international rates. Access to state-of-the-art technology and specialised orthodontic clinics are also easier in Kerala. Without leaving a dent in your budgets.

A definitive cost advantage

While a hip replacement surgery costs upto US $ 12,000 outside India, the procedure would be completed in less than one third of the cost here in Kerala. On a more common level, a regular dental filling which would cost around € 400 in Austria would cost a mere €10 in Kerala. Generally, estimates show that most surgeries in India cost just 1/ 10 of the costs in Western countries. And across different categories, tourists are discovering that there is an alluring cost difference of around 60-70% on medical treatments in most premium institutions here. With increasing queues at National Health Services and other Government Health Service departments and Insurance Services across Europe, it is no surprise that thousands are finding the perfect remedy in God ’ s Own Country.

World-class technology meets round the clock care

Kerala ’ s internationally recognised medical institutions attract travellers from Europe, US, the Middle East and even countries like South Africa. Some of Kerala ’ s most acclaimed speciality healthcare institutions include the Lakeshore Hospital, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, SUT Hospital, Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences and a few others. Equipped with upto 20 speciality and super-speciality departments offering services of hundreds of physicians within each institution. And with state-of-the-art computerised technology, meticulous service and aesthetically furnished environments, tourists enjoy some of the best of facilities they can find anywhere in the world.


Some Health indicators of Kerala

  1. Population density - 819 per sq km
  2. Annual Per capita income – Rs 17,756 (national avg - Rs 14,712)
  3. Sex ratio - 1036 females to 1000 males
  4. Population growth rate – 9.4 %
  5. Low infant and child mortality - Infant Mortality Rate – <12
  6. High life expectancy at birth - Life expectancy –75yrs
  7. Virtual elimination of many communicable diseases
  8. Replacement level birth rate in many districts
  9. Birth rate – 18.2 per 1000
  10. Death rate –6.2 per 1000
  11. Maternal mortality rate - <2 per 1000
  12. Per capita expenditure on health care by   Kerala population - 11.95 compared to the all India figure of 6 %.

Health-care Infrastructure

  1. Bed availability - 377 per 1000 population
  2. Kerala spends  > 9% of the State  GDP on health
  3. Kerala Health Sector – Private sector dominates with 70% share on health care
  4. Health Insurance  <  9 % covered

Medical and Legal Aspects

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